Vr2m VR2M SINCE 1986 • THE GROUP The group : An alliance of skills

The group : An alliance of skills

The VR2M - COAT’IN Technology group, assisted by its design office, has specialised from more than 25 years in
the design and manufacture of medical devices.
triple compétences VR2M
As specialists in Hygiène, Disinfection and Fluid Systems for laboratory robots, we work in three sectors :

  • Manufacture of needles to suit plans or projects, a task that requires all our expertise in metalworking and the application of teflon-type fluorinated products and a sol-gel solution on the internal and external sections of the needles,
  • Manufacture of medical devices for use in the areas of disinfection and sterilisation,

  • Marketing of spare parts for fluid systems and a range of stainless steel instruments.
recherche et developpement chez VR2M
We invest in R&D to provide the best response to the changing  needs of our Clients, using new innovative technical processes.

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