Vr2m MEDICAL DEVICES Hygiene and disinfection

Hygiene and disinfection

  • Design and manufacture of washer-disinfectors
Because of its work in the laboratory sector, VR2M has built up well-established experience in hygiene and disinfection, and in surface treatments that combat the various possible contaminsations (carry-over etc ...).
All our skills in fluorinating treatment focus on the need to meet requirements.
Thanks to our experience, VR2M is expanding its business by developing a range of products and medical devices for use in the areas of hygiene and disinfection.

  • Producing solutions
VR2M also manufactures deproteinising and detergent solutions that have been used for several years by the users of our needles and by laboratories, for cleaning, decontamination and disinfection.

  • Design and manufacture of a sterile disposable device

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