Surface treatment

Internal and external coating of tubes with a minimum diameter of 0.2 mm
We have validated a number of processes to produce FEP, PTFFE, SOL-GEL or other coatings with a thickness of a few microns for use on the exterior and the interior of capillary tubes, which is less commonplace because it is more complex process.


Thanks to their "water-repellent" nature, our fluoride products applied to the inside, outside or both inside and outside of tubes will help you solve your contamination problems. VR2M also applies a special "cap piercing" coating.

Based on nanotechnology, the sol-gel system specifically developped by our research guarantees a perfectly smooth coating combined with high-level water reppellence, flexibility and total non-stick characteristics.


Passivation is the stage that allows for long-term protectionby developping an inalterable layer which is sufficiently thick (of the order of a dozen nm) to protect the core of the steel.
Contact us for other surface treatments (self-lubrication, DLC etc...).


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